Executive Summary

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For over a decade, the principals of Asset Based Capital Healthcare (ABCH) have garnered a proven record of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations within the medical and healthcare industries.  ABCH provides clients with tailored funding solutions to meet their specific cash flow needs.  Its principal’s significant network of contacts throughout the financial marketplace and depth of experience in business including healthcare is an advantage in quickly identifying clients’ needs and effective solutions.   ABCH recently expanded its scope nationally to specialize in sourcing funds for a full spectrum of healthcare product and service providers.  ABCH is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with representatives throughout the United States.

EXTRA CASH – A Simple, Supplemental Alternative to Bank Financing That You Control!

The reality in today’s credit challenged environment is reflected in the significantly increased level of inquiries from prospective clients finding it difficult or impossible to obtain conventional bank loans. We provide viable alternatives for healthcare providers in need of working capital for growth, payroll, or other special needs. ABCH represents a network of lenders that offer flexible financing for the healthcare Industry through lines of credit secured by assets, primarily medical receivables.  

Seek out an opportunity today to improve your cash flow!  Far simpler and less intrusive than the conventional loan process, ABCH’s  broad range of financing packages can free-up cash sitting idly in your medical receivable accounts. Our programs can provide immediate cash ranging from $100,000 to $50 million depending upon your specific circumstances.

Our clients acknowledge our expertise and personal commitment to understanding their challenges, developing creative solutions, and responding quickly with appreciation to their needs.  

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