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Who uses Asset Based Capital Healthcare?   Our clients are faced with either the challenges of expansion or fiscal stress including the following:

  • Fast growing practices and clinics who need to enlarge or modermize their facilities

  • Physician’s offices needing cash to meet payroll and other business expenses while waiting for reimbursements from insurance companies and the government

  • Healthcare organizations dealing with new HIPAA mandates, restrictive regulatory policies, and electronic medical record requirements

  • Medical companies with uneven payment patterns looking for predictability

 Addressing these challenges successfully requires the ability to support a consistent cashflow and have access to working capital.


 The ABCH answer

Asset Based Capital Healthcare’s (ABCH) specialty is providing financing exclusively to the Medical / Healthcare Marketplace.   Below is a brief overview of just one of ABCH’s programs: 

  1. Our Medical / Healthcare Financing Programs are national in scope
  2. No required changes to the banking relationships
  3. Lender(s) will require a 1st lien position on assets financed, however creativity can be used with carve-outs, if needed
  4. Financing is a blend of the best features of factoring and asset based lending
  5. Limited personal guarantees required (only a fraud guarantee)
  6. No financial statement or tax returns required
  7. No financial covenant requirements
  8. No required change to the your existing billing and collections relationship
  9. No minimum monthly funding requests
  10. You receive 100% funding – 80% advance on net collections plus 20% when a batch closings (minus any discount fee)
  11. Very competitive rates many times less than those offered by typical medical and commercial factors    
  12. Ability to fund both current and past (as far back to 270 days to the bar date) third party payor A/R
  13. Establishment of a purchasing fund line that is 3 – 4 x your current net collections
  14. The whole process is HIPAA compliant
  15. A due diligence process that takes approx. 15 business days 

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